Technical Contributors

WACTF couldn't have happened without individuals dedicating their time to build challenges, deploy infrastructure, squash bugs, and perform quality assurance. Give these people a high five next time you see them - or follow them on Twitter.

Sam @sudosammy - Hivint

Cameron @C_Sto - Hivint

Clinton @swarley777 - Asterisk

Joel @joel_tja - Commonwealth Bank

Sajeeb @sml555 - Hivint

Jack @omnifocal1 - Asterisk

Luke @I_uuke - Diamond Cyber

Ben @snide - Diamond Cyber

Laura @_ld_preload - Asterisk

Peter @peter_hannay - Asterisk

Additionally, the WACTF team extends their thanks to the numerous information security specialists from other companies and Australian states who helped us along the way in the capacity they could. Every bit of it helped.