Technical Contributors

WACTF couldn't have happened without individuals dedicating their time to build challenges, deploy infrastructure, squash bugs, and perform quality assurance. Give these people a high five next time you see them - or follow them on Twitter.

Sam @sudosammy - Trustwave

Cam @C_Sto - Trustwave

Russ @rustla - Trustwave

Zack @0xdono - Trustwave

Clinton @swarley777 - NCC Group

Sajeeb Lohani @sml555 - PrivasecRED

Barnaby Skeggs @barnabyskeggs

Jason Pang @JasonYPang - Retrospect Labs

Rami Tawil @drunkrhin0

Dr Peter Hannay @peter_hannay - NCC Group

Jordan @skimmilk___ - Tesla

Luke - DCS

Daniel Meakins